• Vacations improve job performance

    The greatest competitive advantage is the modern economy is a positive and engaged employee.
    But to truly engage, we must first ensure employees truly disengage.

"SuiteBreak is a wellness portal wrapped in the excitement of family vacations, romantic getaways and long overdue adventures. We provide your company the resources necessary to foster, reinforce and grow your culture of wellness."

Anthony Calderon | CEO and Chief Vacationer



SuiteBreak is designed to integrate into existing wellness programs, providing a common denominator that engages the masses, drives wellness activity and reinforces your commitment to employees’ health. We provide a robust booking portal with the best travel and vacation solutions in the industry, backed by the power of Wellness Dollars.

Wellness Dollars are wellness-based incentives that reinforce a company’s commitment to employees’ personal time; taking dollar-for-dollar off the online rate at over 400,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, car rental, cruise lines and activities – down to the lowest rate possible.

Orlando Family Vacation

September 2 - 9, 2017 | 3-Star name brand resort
Lowest online price $1,215
Less Wellness Dollars $500
Employee's total $715

Employees receive $500 Wellness Dollars each year, that can be used at any time to reduce the cost of their travel.

Employers receive an ADDITIONAL $500 Wellness Dollars per employee per year that can be used to encourage further wellness behavior.

Managers can disperse Wellness Dollars throughout the year to motivate further wellness behavior. For example:

ATTEND HRA BEFORE August 12 $100 Wellness Dollars
ATTEND Lunch and Learn August 29 $200 Wellness Dollars
LOSE 5 pounds before December 1 $300 Wellness Dollars

They are yours to use as you please – as a reward, incentive or a thank you for a job well done.

ADVANTAGE. Unlike gift cards or cash bonuses, Wellness Dollars are in name only, and not taxed at face value.


While not all employees want to eat salad, run on a treadmill or stop smoking, everyone wants to vacation. They drive imagination, engagement and action. Vacations reach the masses, including those who are not actively participating in wellness activities – your most costly and least productive employees. YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT of vacations send a positive message that reinforces a Culture of Wellness.


Yes. Vacations provide far more value than you might expect, and are far too important to leave to chance. In short, the more balanced an individual’s life, the more creativity and fresh perspective they bring to their work. What else?

Positive message. Encouraging employees to use all their vacation time to rest, relax and recharge sends a message that you care about their personal time.

Increased productivity. Vacations make people happy, and "Vacation Anticipation" if a very real thing. Happy employees are more productive employees. It’s that simple.

Reduced medical costs. Chronic disease accounts for 75% of the nation’s $2.7T in annual spending for medical care. Just ONE vacation a year can reduce the risk of heart disease by a staggering 30% in men and 50% in women.

Relieve stress. Stress has a negative effect on all aspects of our health - physically, mentally and emotionally. Vacations helps relieve built up anxiety, which can lower blood pressure, help employees sleep better and build up their immune system.

Boost creativity. Life is hectic and your brain is often overworked leaving employees feeling frazzled, confused and overwhelmed. Taking a break and slowing things down often leads to great ideas and a fresh perspective.

Acquisition / Retention. Top employees are hard to find, and sometimes even harder to keep. An employer that not only encourages, but provide the resources necessary for employees to make the most of their vacation time is an employer worth working for.

Sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, when individuals don’t get quality sleep, we put ourselfs at risk of getting sick more easily, and the long-term effects can increase our risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Vacations allow employees to break this routine, resulting in more peaceful sleep.

Improved Family Health. A happy home life will positively impact workplace production. Vacations and reconnecting with family, friends and loved ones, will help employees feel emotionally fulfilled - a leading requirement of good health.

Effective, wellness-based incentives. No more Amazon Gift Cards, Wellness Dollars provide hope and giddy anticipation. They encourage employees to investigate, plan and ultimately take their annual vacation.


We help employees understand the value of personal time off. What it means to their health, their relationship and their career.


SuiteBreak presents vacations in an entirely new light, and provides pricing that averages 43% less than the lowest online rates.


Wellnes Dollars are you most effective behavioral change incentive in your wellness arsenal.


Vacations become the launching point for those employees not motivated by weight loss, exercise or blood work.


We provide the resources you need to communicate and encourage a healthy life balance.

Create a caring culture

While standard wellness initiatives have good intentions, nothing shows you care more than your support of their personal time.

Immediate effect

Improved peer to supervisor relationship, reduce incentive budget, reduced accrued liability, and happy employees.

Long-term results

Reduced stress levels, turnover and absenteeism. Improved moral, productivity, and creativity. Oh, and more happy employees.

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